adrianervinDesignmodification, upgrades, installations, template, design, custom, module, payment$50-1000 bids$0 average bid13th of August 2011

Need Music/Myspace Music/Sound Click Mod

I am looking for a mod that is like myspace's music mod. The mod needs to be able to perform all the same fuctions as myspace/soundclick such as continous updats of music and artist, offer mp3 downloading, add features to users profile, top artist, top album, top video sections. Go to and to get a feel of all there music features to better get ideal of what I am trying to explain.

No bids so far.
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well check the market and if you are thinking about a custom job you should have much deeper pockets.
Dude... I think you will be looking at 10x you budget min... on the inside... perhaps upto 30x to get a good job done on this.
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