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Need professional migration from 6.1.6 to the latest version

I installed and configured my 6.1.6 dolphin myself. I've been trying to migrate it for the longest time with no success. While trying to migrate the profiles, it just sits there "in process".

so it appears that the standard migration process will not work in my scenario. So I advise anyone who takes this job to please have a backup plan. My Dolphin is running on OpenSuSE 11.1. I can provide remote access through an RDP session, then using PUTTY to connect to the server. The entire session will be recorded for future troubleshooting purposes.

Just FYI,  I do have one custom module installed. It's Kolimarfey's SMTP mailer. I'll probably end up installing the updated module myself. I just wanted you all to know just in case it affects the migration process in any way.

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I am available to help you with the professional migration. Email me at expertzkris@yahoo.com or I am available in skype chat just me "expertzkris".

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