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Need web designer/ developer

I am for someone who is very skilled in dolphin web builder. I am building a new social website that the intent will have concepts of myspace, twitter, facebook, bebo, skype, and many more all co located in one website. This website will be a social enivorment for everyone and will have something for everyone. My intent is to work in steps and not rush the project. What I looking for right away is someone who can develop/ modify my current layout template and add the extra detail that I would like to have in it. Next I need special module made for my site, that I will discuss more about once you are approved for the job.

I do currently have my website up and running, however I am not promoting it just yet, not untill I have it 60% of the way I want it.

Please on serious inquires. Thanks

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Hi I am willing to help you I am available in skype at "expertzkris" also you can email me at
hello, I am interested in the job for $ 350 maximum. My site
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