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need small changes that you can upload sounds thumbnail

Music / Sound Thumbnails for album and individual music file.




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Could you kindly PM the detailed explaination please. Thank you

I am looking for a solution where when i upload each music file including albums i should be able to upload "image associated with the album and can have custom look for each music file.
I too am looking for this solution, for example Events. When creating an event you can upload an accompanying picture so that the thumbnail image is the attached picture. This ideally would like to be the same with Audio/Music.

True, so far i didnt get any proper response on this nor in forums i have checked few times and so far i am not sure why we don't have this either as paid module or free mod.

To my understanding its a very basic need for any music file we need to have at least for Album Photo if not for individual file... in case of single music file because they are played in a FLASH Player may be it is bit tricky

~ Rehan
I would like this for music too. If you look at this demo site, when you upload music in standard MP3 music file name format, it will find the correct cover art and fill out all the tags.


I'd be willing to go in with others to get this.
i think i can do that kindly email me if you need it on your site..vincentroman1@outlook.com
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