divawoodAdministrationmodule, custom, modification, payment$50-1002 bids$55 average bid6th of July 2012

New site set up

I have uploaded a new site and now need assistance with setting up the site.

I am having issues with not being able to apply membership information to start with, and I would like to add and apply 3 memberships, plus set up a membership set up module that i have seen module that will allow me to add members, define their allowed actions and add prices and subscriptions.

I also need to remove all dating references to the site and change it to customers and stores as this is a shopping community.

I also need someone to just look at the admin and see if it is working correctly as I get a lot of page stalls, where the action does not go through because the page tries to load and stays in page load mode (yawn).


nazzal6th of July 2012bid: $60  timeframe: 3 daysPermalink
please contact me with more information ...
martino7th of July 2012bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I can set it up for you quickly and remove the dating links. pm me when you are ready.
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