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PHP and Intergration of Events, Locations, points, Ads, Groups and many more mods

Currently, UE30 and Modzzz's modules are the ones i am using

Gorpus's Inga Template

and looking to incorparate - ilbellodelweb's Ajax Wall Spy photo mega combo package if possible with template and modules all working hand in hand.


Any error or confusion will DEF turn memebers off and its Critical for the site to be on point at least during the first few months of launching.


UE30's for the locations and events mod, which is great but could use a few more features

For example, the user "deartmedia" had created a events and locations module which he charged only $45. -


Problem was it didnt work...and i was scammed. But regardless of all that, he had this feature on there incorporated with maps, where there were tabs along the right sight with all the categories in it. TEST his demo you'll see..with thumbnails etc..That's something UE30's mod could def use.

And adding PAID listings and events, are a MUCH needed feature that needs to be added. Especially at $150 offense, just saying lol

Now on these locations, it would be great of a member on my site which created a location ( business / venue, etc.. ), could post items in the " store module " which we link and be intergrated into the locations module. Hence driving traffic back to his/ her business while sharing his products in the much viewed store.


Pretty much before i starting seeing commercials on tv about and, that was my original idea behind my site.

So for example, say there was a Lounge like "Fushimi's" Theyre "slow" days were on tuesdays, so theyll post up a discounted promotion like $40 worrth of food and drinks for $20. They sell it on my site. and on the the weekends they have events thurs fri and saturday. I want ALL of these features to be shown and viewed on One page. So i guess " blocks " would have to be made and palced on different pages to link together.


Now moving forward, with the points, i would like a script that will allocate points automatically for these location features.


I know AntonLV has a create your own point action module for $70, but i already purchased it from Modzzz, and am very happy with product and service and hoping he can add/update new features like this and with  the newly added weather module, it must be compatible with UE30's events module. and Honestly, the " Deals, Jobs, Resumes, Business, Classifieds, refferals, reviews, etc... They MUST be all intergrated together, and incorporated with points and thats how Boonex and Dolphin will be 10x better. I have Sick ideas, Modzzz you make Sick modules, lets make this happen. if they were all intergrated. and i launched this site, they'll be nothing like it, and you can raise the price of the modules for future web builders it'll be insane...


Most importantly, I know ALL member using any points system would LOVE a Promo Code feature. it helps us track points. ex:

**I'm hosting events in nightclubs, so lets say as an incentive to get people in early, i tell them they'll get an extra 500pts on my site if they type in the promo code that they can ONLY get at the party before midnight. this can also be used with weekly bonus points, like a codeword we issue once a week to users to get them on the site. ex: theyre emailed the word " partytime" and have to enter it have 100 pts added to their account....lets make this happen **


So all in all, I don't know too much about this, but i do know that you've guys have created some amazing modules, and i know working hand in hand, with where im located in the world. ( NYC ) and ( NJ ), this site may be one of the top Dolphin / Boonex made sites ever made. And it'' be the Perfect example to use in your demo to shwow off your mods yano..


And Gorpus, you may have to smoothen out the template once its complete.


ilbellodelweb - ill be purchasing your Ajax IDBW Special :

but i wanna make sure it;; be compatible with all of these features first


I originally started building my site using SocialGO. it was ehh..not half as as many features. That was in December 2009. its been a long time trying to figure out this website building business,and i'd like to get it started already. I would to see it up and running by May 22nd if possible..its perfect for Memorial Day and Summer Season.


We're calling it

right now its running off of a different domain  but i don't share it because its not even close to being ready yet..


I am up around 19-20 hrs a day my cell is 718-581-3622 if anyone would like to call me personally and my facebook add friend is ( 3 underscores )


Thanks and please message me back with input, suggestions and any quesitons

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You are definately goingt o run into problems getting mods from different developers to work together. Some developers will also not work on other developers (third party products). The ilbe spywall clashes with profile composer, the facebook tie ins we have clash with other developers mods, and has a security issue I discovered. It all gets very messy very easily, and developers are often reluctant to sort it out. Inface, some developers (just a coupl) have been VERY rude when approachedfor support.

So see more far I have wasted over $700 on products that clash, many of which I have had to uninstall from my site and can not use.

If you can get he help you need and have very deep pockets it could happen, but I wouldnt hold your breath.
lol funny you should say that...i was worried of the same issue...
It can be sorted out... but... you are going to need very deep pockets and a lot of patience.
the best configuration i see in boonex
very compliment
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