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PHP Developer (PHP/ MySQL/ Apache/ Linux/ Dolphin) is looking for an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial permanent PHP Developer to join their sizeable and expanding team who is able to work from home.

We're looking for someone who will be enthused by working with forward thinking individuals and approach projects with real passion and dedication.

Key skills include:
-Experience with PHP,

-Experience with Linux /CentOS ,

-Experience with MySQL,

-Experience with Apache.

-Experience with Dolphin.

You will not be considered for the position if you don't possess solid problem solving and creative knowledge of the above five masteries.

The opportunity has arisen as the startup approaches 25,000 members. The tightnit, fun and dynamic company is offering for the successful candidate:

A 3% stake valued at £12,000 currently and £500 upfront for the first contract of work extending upon successful completion of the first contract. is estimated to grow at a rate of 2-3thousand members per day and works with some of the most exciting gaming publishers and company's in the world including Zynga (Farmville), Microsoft XBox360, Blind Ferret Media, Giant Realm. Within 12 months the user base will balloon toward 800K – 1.2Million users. The company this year will make a gross profit of between £10-£14million, meaning your initial shareholding will also grow to £30K year one. Gamerdating began life as a purely Dolphin based codebase, but was heavilly modded.

The company is most interested in an individual who is able to work with a complex code base created by others before them.

If you like gaming – this is a big plus.

You will be able to start ASAP.

Employment will be based on personality as well as technical skill, we're not looking for a drone, we're looking for a partner.

A full contract will be drawn out and terms discussed with the successful candidates once the first stage of interview is complete (by telephone).

Good luck and I look forward to speaking with all of you,

James C Palmer

+447931 222 544

No bids so far.
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I'm ready to help email me to have quote.

isnt 3% of 14m just a bit more than 30k?
It is, but the percentage has to be speculative based upon our actual returns in 12 months.
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