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Programing - Need program skills

Waves Dolphiers,

     I am looking for someone familiar with programing Payments and Dolphin Subscription System
To force a user to have a permantent link with one active friend.
it is necessary to pay a fee to change it... by using our internal currency (Point System), so we need a way to make it possible hehehe...
accepting and invitation makes the inviter the  Linked friend.
each user must have only one linked friend.
Any user can be the Linked Friend of unlimited people from his friend list.

  Member menu > Friends > Linked Friend Page

  Anyone interested?  Let´s go.  I can help, skype, msg...   yeah :-)
  Please inform name, Country and fees per hour.  
  we can define mile-stones for avaliation with rewards.

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David, thanks for biding.. Just started with other builder. I will keep you in my contact list. All the best
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