DanaHofferInstallationinstallations, design, custom$100-3001 bids$300 average bid28th of March 2013

Programmer needed

Job Description – I am looking for a programmer to make a first time install to look like ZUUUMCC.com and have the following Dolphin Functions. We need part of the page showing 6 numbers that can be manually inputted by an administrator onto a member’s page. (The ZUUUM ratings are: FTP, 5s, 1M, 5M type of stamina.)

**Please refer to ZUUUMCC.com**

YobiLab29th of March 2013bid: $300  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
Hello, I can realize this part of the project for you for the above quote. PM if interested. Subdir - Boonex Bosun
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