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Project : Permanent photo contest + picture tagging

Hello all,

Sorry for my bad English.
I need some help for a project like a Permanent photo contest + Picture tagging . This can sound simple, but there are a few subtleties. To make myself better understood, lets imagine my community site deals with "car tunning"

so :

- Each user can post on the site several pictures of his car (max 3)

- Each user can have multiple cars.

- Each car belongs to a category (urban, sports, 4x4 ...)

- On each picture of his car, the user can tag multiple elements with a small description (examples: my great new wheels, my new tires)

-Under each car pictures should appear multiples description fields (for example 4: NAME OF THE CAR, MODEL DESCRIPTION, YEAR, TIPS)

- Under these descriptions fields should appear in the pictures tags as keywords with a link.


- Visitors can rate each car with a rating system (ex: stars)

- On the homepage should appear: "the highest rated car (user woman) " "the highest rated car (user man)" "the last car added" and why not "Random car" with a direct.

Optional: The possibility for a user to gratify another user by a system of "gift" - The ability to "publish on facebook" a car / possibility to connect via facebook or another.

I think the next mod, mod tagging with a photo (wich one ?) Is a good base:

Do you have any tips or comments? Does this sound possible?
Can you help me? For more information feel free to contact me.





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check modzzz he has something like that already photo contest
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