jargmanModificationmodification, upgrades, module$2000-30001 bids$700 average bid18th of October 2011

Q&A Matching System For a Dating Site


I need a matching system for a dating site that is built on user-generated questions and answers.

To see an example of what I'm looking for, check out the site OKCupid.com.

I need the users to be able to create questions.  Each question should be split into four different parts.

1. The question.

2. Multiple-choice answers

3. Answers you'll accept from others. (same multiple choice answers)

4. How important is this question to you?

5. Submit.

I would like this data to form the basis of matching on the site based on a simple algorithm for matching.  The basics of matching will be based on user-defined preferences but this Q&A system will be about half of the match-making criteria.  The entire match-making aspect of the site needs to be made.  The rest of the site is already ready with Dolphin 7 installed and working.

nazzal5th of November 2011bid: $700  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
iam intested in the job plz send me the detales
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