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Reoccuring PayPal Payment for Modzzz Business Listing Module

Hello , We are using Modzzz premium business listing module , we have 4-5 kind of packages integrated with PayPal  but this module lacks reoccurring payment option based on which listing will remain active .


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we can assist you with this.
Hello - I see that you are using packages with your Business Listing - I created a package successfully on Admin, but when my client logs in to add a listing, he can not see the package name to select it.. I was wondering if you can share the steps you did in order for your clients to see the package on their end.. I was wondering if there is anything special I need to do on the Admin panel beside creating a package..

Your input is much appreciated ! I spent 3 days trying to figure this out w/o see more success..
You can email me at:

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