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Request for quote for Boonex network website customization work.

I am building a network website for pilots and need lots of work done by a proven professional with proof of work. I would like the site to be separated into section.


The first section is the free profile for customers not associated with a group.

The second section will be free groups for customer moderation.

The third group will be for commercial entities and will have it's own store with the customers being able to collect credit cards as well as 1 to many webcam function for training classes. The customer of the group should be able to pay and schedule a webcam session using paypal/credit cards.


My website should be configured so I can add my own links using a Boonex module and place paypal module anywhere I need to. I also am integrating a classified ads module and auction module. This needs to be done while considering upgrades later and back-up issues.


I have a presentation attached so please use that to give me a quote. This is a rough draft and will be updated after we talk.

I will also need some help with the mysql to make sure that is correct before I go live.


Thank you

Jeff K

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