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Ride Event mod

I'm looking for someone who can write a mod that is an event listing based mod, but specific features for travel.  This mod will be for a motorcycle ride event scheduler. Where instead of a single location for the event there would multiple locations and estimated times for each location.  I'd also like to include a route map that uses the Google Maps feature, that allows multiple destinations.  Then a screenshot of that map will be displayed in the event  post, but instead it would use the iframe to just display the map only. 

Feature Rundown:

  • Post events with multiple locations
  • Each location would be able to be searchable based on location mile range to zipcodes
  • uses google maps multi destination feature to plan route when posting event (unlimited destinations)
  • embeds google map of route into event
  • details about each stopping point along the route will be able to be listed along with estimated time of arrival at each location
  • ability to list if a destination stop point is either a meal stop, gas stop, sight seeing stop, or overnight stop
  • ride event post will detail if all types of motorcycles are allowed or if specific types are allowed, this will also be able to be filtered when searching for an event.
  • users will be able to sign up for the ride either at the start point or at any of the stop points to join the ride
  • users will also be able when signing up for the ride be able to list where they leave the ride
  • event poster will be able to limit the number of riders allowed on the ride
  • event poster will be able to set the ride as private invite only, public but requires permission by event poster to join the ride, or fully public anyone can join
  • when a ride event is posted all who sign up will be placed in a group that can communicate in forum specific to the ride in order to discuss details of the ride
  • a members gallery will show all who are part of the ride similar to how facebook events shows all who are attending an event
  • when signing up for the ride members will be allowed to click a box that will post to their wall and profile they signed up for the ride
  • members will be allowed to invite other members to join the ride if the ride is public or invite only
  • a box on members profile will list previous rides they attended
  • members will be allowed to rate and review each other who they attended a ride with
  • members will be suggested to be friends with others who attended a ride
  • each ride page will be archived instead of being deleted after the ride
  • archived ride pages will have a photo gallery and video gallery section that members who attended the ride can post photos and videos from the ride in these galleries if ride was public or invite only will be posted in the photo and video galleries under a sub folder using the name and date of that ride
  • Social share options will be available to allow members to share their rides to facebook, twitter, and google plus.
YobiLab18th of February 2013bid: $1800  timeframe: 12 daysPermalink
Hello, I read your job post carefully. It's very clear. We can build this module for you starting from the Boonex Event module core or creating a made-from-scratch one. If you need more info about us just send us a PM. Waiting to hear from you
anoos000725th of February 2013bid: $900  timeframe: 14 daysPermalink
hi sir, I am interested and ready for this project. regards.
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