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Scoopally.com Is Looking For Talent


I am currently working on  a project that we believe very strongly in.The

project is a social network that will eventually compete with some of the

bigger names. We beleive we have a great concept. I am looking for a

seasoned developer that can meet the challenges not only to develop

our ideas and bring them to life, but to also make our social network easy

to use and functional. In order for us to compete with the bigger names we

will need to have a dedicated technician. I am offering currently for this position

5% and a small income. Based on our success we are looking to officially launch

by December of 2012.Please contact me at scoopally@yahoo.com if there is

an interest.



No bids so far.
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Good luck guys...... but you wont get this for 5%... infact you will be lucky to get it for any %.
One of our modules alone has cost over $5000 to have developed. working on any % for an unknown site is a massive risk and is rarely taken...... My advice.... beg borrow or steal the cash you need to get the job done : )
I appreciate your candor DRautenbach, but you couldnt be more wrong. I remember reading a story about a guy who painted Facebook offices and instead of taking cash he took stock. Now that guy will be worth 100 million dollars 8 9 years later. The fact is all entreprenures have to take risk.....some will fail and some will succeed. I use Facebook as an example because its the perfect example. Facebook did not invent social networking they made it better. I am not trying to reinvent social networking see more I want to make it more exciting...I dont think you should be here taunting people not to take risks. Risks are what drive all our economy and cause people to prosper. Risk are what causes people to earn substantially more than normal. Thats exactly why people all over the world invest in the stock market on a daily basis. To earn more, more, more ....Scoopally.com will be successful and one day you will read of it in the paper on the news or in your home as a member.
You are correct in the risk taking being part of the game. I took a deal like this for 1% on a project in Dallas. Trouble only came when the client and his attorneys realized they owed this guy, who was 'just a web master', more than $70K in commission 2nd year - it was less expensive to pay the attorneys $35K to settle me out after a 2 year fight, with a small bag of milk bones. Even though I still throw my hat in the ring when a project like this looks promising, I think the web guy takes the see more biggest risk of all and usually earns the least in the long run.
Dont get me wrong Falconer.... I would very much like to see any dolphin site make it... but its hard enough to get dolphin developers to work for cash let alone a %. I hope you get it... but I still have doubts.... I have been doing this 2 years now and have seen sites come and go and die in that time, and all were going to be the next big thing.

This is dolphin... and unless you are highly skilled at php, graphics, sql, ajax and just about every other discipline then you are going to need very see more deep pockets...
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