jacjigModificationdesign$20-502 bids$60 average bid15th of January 2011

shout box move to a table on a new page i create

i would like to put the shout-out on a page i created  the location of the shout out is very important if you go to this link

http://zipka.com/page/Alonzo you will see where i want the shout out to be placed this i believe to be a very easy job for someone who has the knowledge also i must be able to copy and apply these changes to other page i will soon create the shout box has to be in that table or in that lotion

dragon_x3015th of January 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
i can do this now
onurmutlu20th of January 2011bid: $70  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I am an experienced PHP Developer for 15 years. I can show references upon your request. I would be glad to work for you. Thank you :) you can also contact via onurmutlu@gmail.com OR skype : siyahkaredsc
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and i will make u discount 20$ no i can do this job for 30$only i wait ur respond
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