xue_ze_fengMobilemodification, customOpen budget1 bids$100 average bid10th of October 2011

Skype Call me action button


I want a action button in member profile page, click to lanuch Skype and Call the member. 

Like: http://www.boonex.com/help/contact 's Call me button.

And the member can set phone number then when someone click the "Skype call me" button go directly to launch Skype and call the phone(NOT CUMPUTER).

I'm a company staff. If you do this job, I will pay you. Money is not problem.

If you do a good job, maybe we can have other chance to cooprate.


My skype ID: xue_ze_feng

Waiting for you.



praveenkv198812th of October 2011bid: $100  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
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