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SMS Gateway Module design for D7.09

I need someone to design a module for sms gateway to be used my my boonex site.


Few sms gateway API details are as given below:




SMS Gateway

Exetel's SMS Gateway allows your business to send and receive SMS through your application, system or website so that you have total control over how you use the service. Exetel's Application Programming Interface (API) allows many of our current clients to integrate SMS into their business software or website. Our HTTP API can be found here: Exetel_SMS_API_documentation.pdf

By signing up to Exetel's SMS Via ADSL service, we will provide you with a secure Members Facilities, allowing you to fully manage your account, and;

  • Create further API accounts for sub-users
  • Get delivery reports and manage your usage.
  • Monitor your billing and purchase further services.
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I would be interested in this as well... I did a work around but would love the same thing...
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