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"Sound Market Module"

a "Market" module:

the concept would be a hybrid mixture of the sound and store and file module

* simmilar to, very simple idea like and

* Market tab on menu and market news/music player on the home page

*Options users could edit for there upload products: Price,Genre,does the beat use
"Samples",Tags,BPM,Description,and be able to add a picture,video,

* Allow members to use paypal/etc for payment for beats

*Share products on facebook/twitter easy

* Embed music player with simple html so it can be embedded in the highest percentage of locations

* Charts: most views,member with most sales,products sold recently,new products

and re do the sound module like so:

for the menu find a way to separate the sounds by user chosen categories i.e instrumental,song,freestyle,live performance and the menu button be named Music and then have sub menus under that like Instrumentals,Songs,etc so that it would take you to a page with only those things. an example would be like if you look at there music genre and charts table on the home page you can click and go to different areas i.e sends you to the instrumentals and sends you to the hip hop genre were there are only songs

my website is

some other examples would be


thank you for your time


nazzal5th of November 2011bid: $1000  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
contact us to start on it
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