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I want A template that works im running 7.1.4 and i have bought several templates since i have been running this site and it seems like all the templates you buy there is something wrong with them and the vendors have no problem selling them like that and when you ask to have them fixed you get no with that being said i want a complete template that everything on it works no question about it.and when you install it on my server that you go in and test every nook and crany of the site. is anyone up for the challenge.look at my site and tell me what you think you could do to make it better.and the template needs to remain affordable to .and if it breaks you will be there to fix it and i will not have to wait days or weeks to have you fix it .is there anyone out there that can provide this service.some of my problems im having is when i put together the profile page my profile is the only one that looks right all my members profile pages are post to time line does not work.i want a rotator on the front page and has to be easy to change images on.

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I used these guys, product and service both excellent. Fantastic customer service. My site if you want to view their work is . Their templates come with full admin panel, simple to use and complete social link.

bsetec is the company you can find them in Vendors.
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