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Template Development

Here's an example of custom template designed for Joomla with Supersized and Responsive. This concept is exactly what I want for my Dolphin.

Here are some ideas to complete my wishes...

Header Left

  • click Logo/Text... menu drawer shows/hides on left-side full height
  • search (on header) is first on the menu list
  • menu displays vertical with click to show/hide accordion for sub-menus
Header Center
  • do not remove but instead use drop-down for login with join button
 Bottom Center
  • Controller UI needs to be wider/taller (as wide as to Header Left for phone while tablet and computer are centered)
  • Icons needs to be bigger


  • Footer should be included at the bottom along with hide/display


  • Click-to-Save/Drag-to-Desktop are prevented


To hide background for non-members.


This feature is for logged in members, can enable/disable.


Purpose? To display 'wall' slides from Arts/Photos to Commericals/Trailers fullscreen from phone to tv.


Hope someone can tackle this.



YobiLab2nd of April 2013bid: $600  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
We can create this custom theme for you. Waiting to hear from you
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