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Translators Collaboration

We are looking for the right people from all around the world that can helps us to improve our MLP (multi-lang pack) for all the boonex user communitiy.

It will goes like this:  

                                    1-you will be able to get into one of our sites to check the translation for your mother language 

                                    2-then you will be able to start to fix some mistakes in that language strings

                                    3-Once all the keys are checked and corrected we will bundle it with the rest of lang packs


What will the collaborator earn?: 

                                                  We will gives you 50% of the first lang pack (for the translated lang file) we have sold (around $ 50).

                                                  Then, periodically we can arrange another % for each updated version of that language.


What will the collaborator needs?:

                                                   Very good understanding of his/her languages and be able to use a simple notepad editor to edit/change the

                                                   dolphin lang string files.

                                                   Be honest and responsible. This will be a work that will enjoy all the boonex users.


If you are interested in this collaboration please contact us ASAP at:

Thanks in Advance,




No bids so far.
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I hope your multi-lang pack for our international dolphin 7.2.x website be coming soon
Hi, Today I found a MULTI-LANG PACK beta version at your dolphin 7.2 site at> WWW.BAIRESDATE.COM . Before your upgrading to Dolphin7.2.1, Can I first order a MULTI-LANG PACK separately beta version ? and allows me to help improve your multi-lang pack (Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional only)! If you say yes, please offer me lang pack separately for a low extra charge. I will pay by my PayPal account see more on Boonex unity.
Now I have two dolphin sites (one is for international customs at> and another only for Chinese in the world at> ).Still be waiting for your upgrading to D7.2.1.
In order to help improve MULTI-LANG PACK separately in Chinese (SIMPLIIED AND TRADITIONAL), I promise free to upload 4 being revised screenshot photos (2 SIMPLIIED AND 2 TRADITIONAL ) by email to you every working day until your separately beta version is end.
Best Regards
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