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Two modules

Greetings.  I have a large project and a small project that I would like to be able to contract out.


We are looking to add a system to where users can upload video files which would be stored in a user specific directory on the server.  The goal is to allow the users to create a 24 hour playlist with their video material.

A basic user would be forced to place our VAST ad block in at a specified time (example: every 30 minutes).  That information would need to be processed into a playlist.smil file.  A good knowledge of how video players and VAST tag URLs communicate and operate (VAST ads play in player for example).  Basically, the user makes the playlist, and then people can watch that playlist with the midroll ads appearing at the proper time.  I have quite a few ideas about how this can be accomplished, and I will be your POC for this contract.

We would also like to allow users to purchase an elevated account to where they can post ad free content for a monthly premium paid to us.


Another module would allow for a user to upload video or audio files to be sold.  I understand this is quite easily done in Dolphin, as it is basically built for this type of thing, but we would either like to have one of two processes occur:


The user posts their material to a specific category in the store hierarchy.  It either needs to be made to where the admin account receives payment percentage from each purchase.  We could always just have the admin add the material and then pay out after deducting the fee, but if we can get the transaction to happen at point of sale, it will reduce our manpower.


We would also like to have the creators that upload their material to list their store material on their profile pages.  I have read through the documentation, and quite a lot of of forum posts but have not really found what I am looking for, so I am willing to pay for this contracted work in order to customize the social network to exactly what we believe will be successful.


There may also be more work available in the future for ensuring functionality works on mobile applications. The developer we grant this contract to will get first dibs on the upcoming mobile contracts.

No bids so far.
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