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Two Profile Social Network

I am creating a social network that requires the members to sign up as two profile types (either a "buyer" or a "seller") and both will have different permissions and profile makeups.  I require some custom modifications I am sure.  This is what each profile type will need to be able to do, some of these features are already available modules.  Can you list the features that do not need custom work and the features that will require custom modifications.


This is what the two profiles need to do ("buyers" and "sellers")

- Member needs to be able to sign up as 2 different profile types, "Buyer" and "Seller" (need to be able to change names of profile types if needed)
- Both profiles need to have different unique fields to fill out and permissions
- both profiles need to be able to select to keep contact info private or not
- "Buyers" need to be able to post a job with fields to fill out (address, description, contact info, expected pay, etc)
- both "buyers" and "sellers" need to be able to search jobs via zip code with a range choice of miles
- "seller" can have list of jobs nearby on home page depending on their zipcode (20 miles)
- "buyer" can also search for "sellers" via zip code with range and other fields like ratings, experience, etc.
- both buyers and sellers can send messages to each other
- buyers can rate and comment the sellers they hire
- sellers can rate and comment buyers that hire them
- buyer can mark job as done so it comes off the searchable list


I know this job does not have a lot of details but i want an estimated quote to hire someone then go into a lot more detail after.

sijio26th of January 2013bid: $400  timeframe: 12 daysPermalink
We made a similar job (a system with several profile types) for a recruiting agency. Only rating, comments and design customization must be added.
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