JEREMYTUpgradeupgradesOpen budget5 bids$650 average bid16th of December 2012

upgrade dolphin

i need a computer program to upgrade form 7.6 to the lates version without losing data or structure to my site including mods. please message me if you can successfully upgrade my website

YobiLab17th of December 2012bid: $1200  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
As I see in your website there are a lot of custom changes and a very customized theme. All the modules will have to be checked and upgraded to the latest version, before going to 7.1. The theme update is gonna be the big part of the work. PM me for more details. Our Portfolio: and Facebook:
sijio17th of December 2012bid: $1200  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
I can do it
martino17th of December 2012bid: $500  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
Ready and available to start immediately and finish quickly - max - 5 days . You can pay at job completion.
Artur19th of December 2012bid: $200  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
I can make for you upgrade in 2 days.
netoclub24th of December 2012bid: $150  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
I can upgrade for you
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