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Upload Product with FTP, and Add File Location

Hello community!

I have a hundreds of products that I would like to add to my dolphin store. Currently the only add file option with in the store module is to upload the files and then give them a price etc. Some of the product files I am adding are several hundred, MB, and a few are even over a GB in size.

What I would like to do, is upload the products, through FTP, and have a field on the add product page to add the product that simply asks for the file location, that results in a download button, that only works after the purchase is made.

Is this possible? Is there is module add on that does this already? How can I make this for my site?

Without it, I am really handicapped, and not sure how to add my larger file products in my store.


Thank you in Advance!


P.S. I am using the latest Dolphin 7.1+

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Better solution would be to upload the downloadable products and then run a php file from the site that will add all the information to the database directly. I have not worked with the store module so would need to look at that first.
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