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Video recording with h264 on and html5 module installed

Boonex has been no help with bug on video recording with html5 module installed and h264 on. 


You see, When you record video from your webcam (with exception of firefox) using IE or Chrome... This happens: 


m4v file is corrupted (badly garbled)

webm file provides clear video. 

FLV files provides clear video with h264 turned off. 


I need someone to figure out how to make m4v files from being corrupted when used with video recording when video uploads works good. I'm offering $100 bounty for the head of the bug. 


At this time of post, I'm using latest browsers and dolphin site. In Flash apps, I have video quality set at 94 and bitrate of 256k and 20-24 FPS. 

More info at 




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