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Website configuration

I have a installed Dolphin website that I would like to have configured.

 I am looking for a Dolphin Boonex 7.0.7 expert that knows Dolphin very well.

I have certain wishes for the configurament but the list is not complete.

So far i the list of changes would sound something like this:

- Setting up different memberships and payment of those.
- Setting up Spotlight ad payment.
- Removement and editing of different stuff in the mods that i would like to have changed.
- Adding html, css and graphics to the webpage.

You should have experience working with PHP, HTML and CSS 

I offer a very good price. The price we can talk about when we have worked out the stuff that needs to be done.
We will talk about these things over chat.

Kind regards
Your boss (lol)

*Update* I have found a person for the job 

No bids so far.
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*Update* I have found a person for the job
Willing to help you with your project..My skype is expertzkris email @

So I can give you our sample work and talk about details and stuff.

God speed.
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