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website needs some help

My website is:


I'd like to remove the "shoutbox", Change the information in the welcome section at the top of the main page.

This also needs some way for the members to search by age (other than the sliding bar scale).


The “photos” of the members has always been a challenge with this site. It seems the avatar is the main picture, but its so small it’s hard to see any detail. Ideally I'd like for people to be able to post pictures of themselves, have those pictures (when uploaded) be featured on the first page instead of a bunch of faceless avatars under the "members".


The sounds and videos option on the main page needs to be turned off.


I'd also like to change this from including the bi-sexual and trans communities to be men searching men and women searching women (Profile Information Search). Which in a really perfect world, I’d clean up the main page, get some spots for advertising on there, and make it a warm, welcoming site. Have a spot on the side where they can click a box asking if they are male or female and that would redirect them to either OR This way I can get male specific advertising and female specific advertising on the individual sites and tailor them specifically to either gay or lesbian. I own these domains hoping that this software would be able to handle this. In addition to splitting the sites for male and female, the rotating images at the top banner would be gender specific to the site.


I’d like to change the “Latest News” to be stuff from other websites, I don’t know if there is a way to do that or not. Maybe I need to Joint Venture with, for example or - both are excellent sources of current GLBT events as well as


I’d like to create a classified ads section where people would pay a small fee to advertise their business or something for sale, eventually I want to create a GLBT directory, similar to Angie’s list, but for this community.


Members need to have the ability to post events, community happenings or even a calendar with the event dates listed on it.


I need this as maintenance free as possible right now.


I also need to get the “recently added sites” section updated. Sizzle changed their logo and I want to remove Adam Cooper, and add in my other websites.


Do you know if Dolphin 7.0 has a mobile app that this could be made into? Could I upgrade 7.0 to 8 with the package I have?


This website also has an external program that was installed for the users to have online chat, with audio and video.  I would like to make the basic chat free as part of the basic plan but have the audio and video feature part of the “gold membership”.


Spam has been a consistent issue with this site. I find most of it comes from China or Australia, advertising in the blogs for Calvin Klein, Burberry, Adidas, etc. This has led to stricter security, but now real people’s profiles aren’t being activated when they sign up.  


It would also be really great, if once people create a new profile that a welcome letter would go out to them with just some basic information about the site, how it works, features etc. Even if there was an automatic way to post a comment on their profile, welcoming them to the site, I think it would go a long way.


Also, I own the domains: and, I’ve often wondered if the main domain should be simpler and create a “click here if you are male” which would then go to the gayrainbowpartner as a sub site of the main one? I don’t know if it’s possible or required, what are your thoughts?


Many thanks,


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7.0? You would need some serious upgrading.
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