akalaszloModificationinstallations, custom, module, paymentOpen budget2 bids$5250 average bid8th of July 2012

who can do all this fast?

must pick on of 2 accounts when you join


Account 1 = personal use account

Can setup a profile like Facebook has.

Profile has wall

Profile has pic

Profile has video

Profile has friends

Can tag friends or company accounts in pics and video

Tag the place they are at if the place they are at has a company account with us.

Search categories of company accounts

Ratings company accounts and write reviews on the company

Can play the adult game mod


Account 2 = company account

1)      Can setup a profile like Facebook has.

2)      Profile has wall

3)      Profile has pic

4)      Profile has video

5)      Can tag friends

6)      Search categories of company accounts

7)      Can play the adult game mod

8)      Will have its own fourms area under its right category

9)      Will have an event calendar to post what’s going on and specials. Account 1 people can make on their calendar if they are coming or not and people can see who said they will come.

10)   Will have to pick a category to be in. Bar, Band, restaurant, and other that I can put different prices for each account. They can pick to pay month to month or by the year.

11)   There will need to be directory pages were people can search each category. When people find them in the category it links back to that company’s profile.

12)   Each category will also break down to small categories. Just for example (bars could break down to types of bar it is. Say by music. Bands could break down to the type of music they play and restaurants would break down to what type of food.

13)   Each profile will also have a Google pay showing were they are

14)   You can book band for gigs. They set the price per even but a fee would go back to the website. I have seen a mod for this already. You can also book tables for the bars and restaurant. There will be no fee for this. Would also like to sell tickets if that night there is a door fee.

15)   A file area where they can place coupons

16)   Write on news feed.







Website will need


1)      Live feed area that I can turn on and off on the front page so when we hold events at places we can show live feeds.


2)      Chat room


3)      Msg system


4)      Sell banner space and area for banner spots (already have a area on top of the site but would not mind some spots say in the forums, email area, were ever  to place more banners)


5)      Email system


6)      Video chat


7)      Search for people but what things that are filled out in profile( for example, fav bar, fav drink, age, single, male, female)


8)      Will need to add some field to the profiles. For example Fav drinks, fav bar


9)      The profile info for each category will need to have different fields to fill out.  


10)   A shopping store where I can sell shirts and items.


11)   An area where people can sell what they want like on crags list


12)   18+ website


13)   Link people facebook, twitter, Google+ comments onto their profile


14)   Need to do custom work on the iPhone, Google app, and desktop to make it look like it’s our own


YobiLab9th of July 2012bid: $6000  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
We can work everything out for you. Waiting for your reply
nazzal9th of July 2012bid: $4500  timeframe: 25 daysPermalink
we can do it , plz contact us ...
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well im up for this please contact me for more information
you have a good appetite, but will be very very expensive. good luck.
this would cost you some serious money and would take weeks to get it all done good luck with it
I can do this custom job for you quickly.

Normal Time Cost - $3,000 Time - 30 days

Express Time Cost - $5,000 Time - 14 days

Note- 10% commitment deposit required to register your project with us. 90% to be paid at completion when you are ready to pick up / transfer completed project to your server. Project is developed on our development server based on your specifications listed above. You will have access to view the new site to test and confirm that site / see more admin panel is working as specified, No access will be given to edit raw files/our cpanel dev server where site is hosted until site is fully paid for. pm me for more details.
I see your from the US. Do you have a phone # to talk to you about this?
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