gotorioModificationmodificationOpen budget1 bids$1200 average bid8th of August 2012

youtube and vimeo uploads in events, groups and 3rd party mods


I need a programmer that could do a modification to add the option to upload videos from youtube and vimeo on events, groups and 3rd party mods I have installed on my website(location mod).


The website is

YobiLab9th of August 2012bid: $1200  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
Hello. I can help you with the integration of Vimeo and Youtube. I am specialized in APIs integration and interaction. Waiting to hear from you.
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Can you please submit a bit more details of what you mean by 3rd party mods ... (or which ones in direct you are wanting to have an upload or embed option ?)

I reviewed your website although still need to discuss a bit more, otherwise you will keep getting prices like 1,200.00
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