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Children's Day Gift Service!


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I just had a few orders these days and was surprised to know that even students were using boonex for their needs (hardships from an early life) ;)

And even many others were'nt able to afford costly upgradations. As such, keeping the concept of opensource alive, here's a bit of relief:


Starting 14th November, I'd be offering to upgrade boonex versions for free, to those who cannot afford, i.e the students.

The upgradation service would run totally free of cost. No hidden prices.

Few points to keep in mind while ordering the service

*No commercial websites.

*Will need ftp info for the upgradation.

*Service included full upgradation. Any other existing errors are not covered.


And as usual, regular paid module services always available!



If houses were built the way boonex is built,
the first woodpecker would bring down civilization.


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This is a good gesture...hope we can also do something like this
Wish I had seen this Before I paid for the upgrade. My site and myself qualfies but then again. If I am using somones product it shoudl be paid for I guess.Live and let Live. :)
i dont need this service but my hats off to you for caring.
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