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Dedicated Cloud RMS (Ray Media Server) 100% Scalable, add processor, ram or disk nodes anytime


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 27.06.14

Updated: 27.06.14

Category: Hosting

Tags: rms, ray media server, red5, streaming flash server, boonex rms, ray, services, integrations, modifications

Demo:  username - demo,password - demo

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Global Web Concepts. It cannot be see more modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Global Web Concepts.

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RMS server software (formerly Ray Media Server - RMS), is based on open-source ​Red 5.
The RMS Media Server is required for media streaming features of some Dolphin modules.
You will need to have an RMS if you plan to use Dolphins video chat functions or perform
any other dolphin media streaming functions.

With this RMS server you will be able to utilize all of dolphins media and video streaming
features. The server can be created in any one of our 20 data centers around the world and
is 100% scalable. We fully configure and test your sever and dolphin site. You can add
more resources to your cloud server from your control panel as your resource demands grow.

Dedicated Cloud RMS (Ray Media Server)

25GB SSD Hard Drive
2.4GHZ Processor
1GB Ram
Unlimited Bandwidth
Linux Centos 6.4 64bit or Ubuntu
Choose from 19 different data centers worldwide
100% Scalable (Add processor, ram or disk nodes anytime)
Full server control panel management
Instant setup and provisioning
We configure and test your dolphin site
Full support & satisfaction guarantee

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