This the 2 email that I write toyou without any replay. I buy your Spanish MEGA PACK for Rayz Modules but in the download the zip file do not contein any file, So I can get access to my product.
Please sen me a downloand link where I can get my purchase. If I have no replay in 48 hours I will open a disput in paypal to recover my money. I also open a ticket with Boonex and them told me that in the rule you are the responsible to delivred the product.
This the transaction id:
13 jul see more 2012 23:58:04 CEST
Id. de transacción: 1H6038743U581922M


dear mrdguinea: As you can see, we had some download errors from the boonex market so we sent your packs manually twice several days ago. until now we didn't receive the confirmation of reception from your behalf. Would like to know if the files were finally received ok. Thank you!
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