In reply to Blogs for Groups
When I first came to use Dolphin I was surprised to find that Groups did not have a group blog. At some time I had planned on trying to add the blog module to groups; however, with Andrew's Blogs for Groups module, there is no need for me to try. Now my groups are more complete.
The module is very easy to install and it adds a block to the Group home page listing newly published group blog posts. While there is not a page builder for the group blogs there is no need for the template is very easy see more to adjust and Andrew was kind enough to point out to me what I needed to do. Andrew is one of the best module developers to work with and has worked with me on other modules to tweak them to my needs.

Thanks for this module Andrew, you have added a feature that should have been in the core of Dolphin and your work is very much appreciated.
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