Dear pappgergo:

This kind of things we were fighting a long time and we have found that is almost imposible to have more than 30 lang packs with it own modules (we worked that way in the past it was a nightmare to mantain all the modules of all the lang packs within them) and we have a lot of users that want just one file to work with and not dealing with a lot of modules. Now the boonex policy has changed and we won't likely to sell more lang packs this way because was a headeach for us in the see more past.

Out of that, wasn't a google translation at all and is a good translation for any international site you can have (we have hundreds of satisfied customer all around the world that can confirm this).-

Obviously is not perfect and that's why we are selling it with an offer for the MSE (multi-string editor) for each customer customize the keys at your like.

If you want a professional lang pack you can search and maybe get them for a few hundred dollars...each of them.
Here you get a 33 lang pack for just USD 49 as a basis to work & play with it. ... Do you catch the idea ?

Also, you can build each module with the translated keys if you want. We let the customer to decide that.

Anyway, thanks for your review.
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