Great mod Anton but add a notice to your install instructions that your mod changes the main dolphin menu table.

ERROR WITH SOME MODS BY MODZZZ: (This what modzzz said)
Just to let you know ... in case you have similar problem with other mods ... the problem is due to incompatibility with the Profiles Splitter mod from AntonLV. This mod modifies the main dolphin menu table so depending on how the install file for other mods is written, you might get errors.

Here is the fix below, just in case see more you need to pass on this info to other mod developers :

In the install file :

Replace :

INSERT INTO `sys_menu_top` VALUES

With :

INSERT INTO `sys_menu_top` (`ID`, `Parent`, `Name`, `Caption`, `Link`, `Order`, `Visible`, `Target`, `Onclick`, `Check`, `Editable`, `Deletable`, `Active`, `Type`, `Picture`, `Icon`, `BQuickLink`, `Statistics`) VALUES
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