Only been using it a short while but so far, so good. It has already helped me pinpoint some dodgy behaviour on my site. So well done you!

Might I make a suggestion that might be great for AMS 3.0? Next to each IP address you could have a link that opens up a map of where they are within that country. This would be handy for when you have a user from a particular area within a whole big country that knows how to change their IP address. It would save me much time in having to copy and paste the see more IP address into one of those whatismyipaddress sites. I am sure it would be a popular feature.

Or even better would be a column that has the city written in for you already, right next to the real country column.

And even better would be a column that indicates if they are using a proxy server or one of those black hole things.

Hope you like those suggestions.
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