I would have to agree that this is one of the best features that I have added to my network. Micah was truly a great help in getting this set up and is very knowledgable regarding Dolphin customizations. While the technical knowledge to add this oneself would be considered moderate to advanced, it is doable. I believe that you can even have Micah add this for you.

The chat feature is loved my the members and for those that are generating revenue via a subscription model, this is a plus for see more generating more interest and revenue for your network.

The overall cost may seem to be expensive when considering you will have to spend $45 for the software first and then $75 for the custom integration, but believe me the returns are worth every penny. While a great network that is focused on a niche market can be a profitable if run correctly, not having the features that most are accustomed to using can cause some market loss.

This basic feature that adds some much potential to your network is a must in my opinion. Allowing members to easily engage one another is a huge benefit for them and in turn keeps them on your site longer that turns into more traffic that turns into more referrals that turns into greater success.
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