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I found this module and decided it was something my site needed. So, I bought it and asked Modzzz if he could help me install it. He said: "No problem, I install it later today". I am not that skilled with installing modules myself. Anyway, I tried to install it myself, and it went wrong - as usual -, but Modzzz helped me get it up and running and that's is not it... The module comes with built in Paypal integration and the currency is set to GBP, USD or EUR. I needed my country's currency, see more and guess what: Modzzz helped me set the right currency and reinstall the module for absolutely FREE.

I really wonder why it is, that Modzzz isn't a trusted developer yet! Thank you so much Modzzz for all the help. I am really, really grateful. You are, without any doubt, in top 3 of all developers!
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