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I am stunned how fast and professional Andrew was - it was 2;20 AM - I had been waiting TOO long for another games mod and decided to try his service.

With our launch scheduled for January 1st 2011 (two days from time of this post) I really needed someone who cared about a client and he pulled all the strings on the right instrument!

Thanks Andrew, my kids went to bed hoping to see games on the site so they can start telling their friends on face book and other places that the site is ready!

This see more is for my kids - for Christmas and to bring in the New Years with a bang.
I was getting worried it wouldn't happen then Andrew responded and said - 'it'll be done in about fifteen minutes'.

I could hug him for my kids!

Thanks Andrew :) & Happy New Years! Glen Persson re> teenzup dot com.
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