In reply to Journal/Diary
We had fall back with this coder while working on D6 projects and stopped purchasing his work and or mudules. That was due to his rude behavior and attitude of ignorance as he takes very long time replying his clients. However, all has happened because of misunderstanding the way he works or operates as he did not reply our urgent emails and left project incomplete....

A lot of water has gone under the bridge and we forgot & forgive and moved on form there....

This guy may be rude in see more one way or another but he knows what he is doing as his modules are work of a very creative mind and he always comes up with much needed ideas for his modules.

This DIARY Module is an example of his creativity and we loved it. It could have been great if he could add a one more section or category for an appointments on diary with this module. However, it works like charm and our members are loving it.....

Many Thanks and please keep up your good work

on and behalf of "ITLOOKOUT"

Magnus (Mahendra)
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