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I really don't expect to ever leave a bad review for Modzzz.....Yes, Modzzz has done it again!
Experience is a sweet addition to my site! Everyone likes sharing their experiences. The fact is, unless you give your members a good way to share their experience, chances are, many folks are just not going to openly share their experiences. My site is educational, so I want my members to share their experience in as many ways possible. This mod allows just that!
Modzzz kept it short and sweet, so I see more will just add- You will also have a block on the homepage which toggles Featured, Recent, Top, and Popular public experiences.
Modzzz really decked this one out adding some extra, very useful actions.....This mod is sweet!
BTW- Installation is supper easy as usual!

Thanks Again Modzzz for yet another excellent and relevant module for the Dolphin!
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