2010 Wishlist (part 1): Better Membership Level permissions

CALTRADE posted 10th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

When I first selected Dolphin as the software I wanted to work with, I was mostly attracted to the ways they had set up their membership levels.  I thought the approach of separating the membership levels from the features and functions had huge potential for building a successful site.  Now over the years (plural now) this excitement has turned to disappointment.   There is really very little we can do with membership levels - giving them access to a private forum is about as sophisticated as it gets - there is not much we can do to "reward" our premium members.

I think during the long development of D7 Boonex put most of their energy into membership privacy  - and that is good, but I wish they would put some a similar level of energy into permissions for the membership levels as set by the administrator.   Basically, I think that, as administrators, we should be able to assign anything to a membership level  - including pages, menu items and blocks    This Page Control Mod done by Anton is something I would like to see in D7: http://www.expertzzz.com/Downloadz/view/3054

Would you like to get really crazy with membership levels, and maybe come up with the next "killer ap" in the process?  Well how about this.  Use the great D7 field builder not just for member profiles, but also to let us build a database for site content management.  This could be set up with both field and record level security.  For example, admins could say for each field what membership levels have access to that field.  Wouldn't that be cool!


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Good Find there, a perfect addition to any site I would think. If Anton's Page access control was available in D7 that would be great news indeed.
You know what,

There should be a membership level in Unity to Make "sensible suggestion" to boonex.

Great job caltrade.
i guess still there are more vital suggestions to be considered for D7,D8 and Shark,posedion,trident or whatever.
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