3 software breaking iphone app issues!

mauricecano posted 22nd of December 2009 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Okay I will edit this to reflect what is still an issue.

The Iphone app not recognizing the content viewing restrictions is still the largest problem with the phone and hopefully will be addressed in the next update.

The app can still allow all sorts of spamming.  I took one of the spam PA and put it through the IPHONE app and it went through without any issues.  Not sure I would tie phpids into this, but something does need to be done.

I still think the app can be a great application if the bugs are worked out.  My biggest complaint and the reason for posting the blog is that boonex in general has been very silent on any issues concerning the Iphone.  We webmasters would appreciate more communication as to what is going on and this would avoid future misunderstandings.

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1. you can delete whole /xmlrpc/ dir from your site, then iPhone app will not be able to work with your site at all!

2. All the site restrictions have effect on iPhone app too ! The only miss is viewing of video/audio/photo content for memberships only ! ... privacy settings are considered and have effect already !

3. As I said ALL the site restrictions have effect, except membership restriction on viewing media!

remember ... it is the first public version ! only 2 people have tested it see more on development stage !
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