A Tip for Sites with more that one Admin

Darkcloud4491 posted 21st of May 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

If you have more that one person on your site who has access to your admin pannel you might want to remove the following bits of code from admin/profiles.php


case "Delete":
profile_delete( $val );

and 2.

<td width="90" align="center"><input class=text type=submit name="prf_form_submit" value="Delete" /></td>

just an idea. i have done this and it dose not break the site. if you want to put the option back on the site just re upload admin/profiles.php

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Why, what does this do?
revents admin from using the delete button and removes the delete button, this should be done in the moderator part too
yeah i'm working on that now
Something that IMPORTANT should be a part of the admin panel. Not everyone is going to be that good in adding/removing codes to prevent MASS DELETING of members etc.

All site owners should be able to set that from admin panel by simly 'checking a box' in my opinion.
yes thats right, and this is what we are trying to do, so we can get boonex to talk to us and we make requests that we webmasters know more about than boonex as programmers.
i'm working on a MASTER ADMIN system for Dolphin so that users can be deleted if need be
whats wrong with the moderator and admin system in dolphin is the lack of options for moderators, there panel should be like the admin panel so they get familier with the look and feel of it if they are ever promoted then it doesn't look strange to them.

the delete button should be removed in the moderator panel, the ban and unban feature in the admin panel should also be in the moderator panel.
well atleast in Dolphin 6.1.6 they fix the Security leak in the moderator panel
IMHO, what is *TRULY* needed is to merge the Admin/Moderators/Users into a single entity, and then grant Admin/Moderator permissions to individual users on a *GRANULAR* level. (Have an advanced set of permissions that can be granted separately. View would be a different permission than save or delete)

For example, The main systems Admin would have permission to do everything, and Access the admin panel.

(S)he could then grant permissions for Admin #2 to access the users and have all permissions see more except delete, as well as moderate the Chat and Blogs

Admin #3 would be given permissions to moderate the Forums and Groups.


These Admins would use their regular user accounts to do this, instead of having a separate login. One of the reasons for this is so that Admins can recieve Mail through the system. (A feature that is currently lacking in the Admin/Moderator system.)

Additionally, it would be nice if ALL admins could be given access to a System-wide Admin mailbox that could be used to report errors/problems, and track responses. This way a pool of admins/moderators could respond to/be aware of problems instead of just a single person getting the email/message. As well as a record of any responses. This would also provide an audit trail for problem resolution.

Sammie, if I may be so bold as to state, I think that this would have helped you recently. If the entire team had access to your messages and the responses to them, it might have been possible to resolve them more rapidly. (As an example of the need for this particular feature) On an extremely active site, this could be very vital, since it would be possible for the "left-hand" to know what the "Right-hand" is doing.
yeah thats kinda what world be more use to everyone
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