Admin Created Events DB Error

LHAdmin posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.
I receive this error when attempting to create an Event as the Admin in 6.1.1.  Note:  I was able to create one event, then any additional events causes error.

Mysql error:
Duplicate entry '' for key 2

Found error in file /home/hostname/public_html/sitedirectory/admin/sdating_admin.php
at line 195. Called db_res function
with erroneous argument #0

The script for Member created events seems OK.  But also, why is the 'All Events' link active to navigate back to list of all events for the members?

Any one else having this?  Suggestions?
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If you enter the date and time and other details in correct formate you will get ride of DB errors
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