Ads/banner server script or something

jerry79 posted 25th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi all!

As everybody know, we can put google adsense and all that stuff on our dolphin site. Then we dont have to take care for any other things.

But, i got a question now from a company who wants to make advertisement on my site and i have to track all this.

Now i wanted to ask you which server script you are using for delivering and tracking ads/banners.

Im playing around with OpenX

Maybe some of you got some other links or tools...

Hope you got what i mean ;)


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It would seam to me that the best solution is ...
Or you could find some `"crazy expensive"` script and try that.
My view is if possible allways use open source software with a
peferance toward GPL software.
Yeah, think that too. OpenX is a good solution.... Had a look at it again yesterday.
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