Adsense for boonex !!

saurav121 posted 10th of April 2011 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Why dont boonex use adsense ads on ?

When i visited this site i got following stats....


Website Worth: $444,219.60

Daily Pageviews: 202,840

Daily Ads Revenue: $608.52

It may be approximate value but still it is quite good so that boonex ppl can hire more developers and thus improve the quality and speed of the work; or whatever but this canl be the extra income without no extra effort.

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Nathan Paton
I don't think it's professional for a business to place advertisements on their site.
You understand that if you sell donuts on your site you want to put adsense, what is the meaning, you want to lose customers to give to others? :)) this is not an idea, is a nightmare
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