Affiliate program with more options

maddp posted 23rd of June 2009 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Has any one used for an affiliate program? it seems to have what many have been asking for in the forums but i havent tried it. It is open source and seems to be flexible were you can set it up to track when members sign up as a paid memeber and pay affiliates based on paid subscriptions and not just all subscription. to get in to the forum there its and kinda empty to me. ANy feed back from anyone?

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ok anyone reading this these folks have not had communication for years in the forum and no support. it is very user friendly but i ran in to a few code issues. so since i am not a programer i had to leave it alone. I thought it was pretty good at first. i am trying two others as it would be good to have a system that tracks and pays commissions based on performance and not the fact someone signed up for free.
I am looking at using there is service is not free and I doubt it will be an option that everybody can use but there is software is amazing.
i just loaded this one. so far so good its free for the first 50 affiliates and u can use it to manage many sites.
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